The Best Kept Secret


You just had your baby a couple days ago and now the day has come. You are able to go home. As you make your way to your vehicle, several thoughts may be running through your mind. As you anxiously place your tiny little bundle safely into her car seat, and stare at her in awe, you begin to wonder if you are really cut out for this parenting thing.


“They really trust me to take this baby home?”


As you arrive home, your partner brings the baby in as well the rest of your personal belongings and you both get settled in.


The baby begins to show early signs of hunger. You latch your baby onto your sore breast and wonder if you are doing it right and if your baby is getting enough to eat.


You call your breast friend to ask her all the typical “new parent” questions. She lets you in on a little secret that helped her through the first few months of parenting. She hired a Postpartum and Infant Care Doula.


The Postpartum and Infant Care Doula came to right to her home and helped her feel more confident as a parent. The doula was there to answer all of her questions like

“Is my baby latched onto my nipple correctly?”

“What are the different types of formula if I need to supplement?”

“What is the easiest way to run errands with a new baby in tow?”

“What is the proper way to bathe a newborn?”

and “Why am I so emotional all the time!?”.


The doula was there to lend an extra hand when fruit and veggies needed chopped for an easy snack, and was there to help with that growing pile of laundry and dirty dishes.  When her older child needed some attention the doula was able to play games with him and give him attention.


They talked about many different baby items available to parents such as cloth and disposable diapers, babywearing options, different types of bottles, strollers, and so on.


When your friend wanted to be well rested for her return to work, her postpartum doula was able to come for overnight shifts. The doula changed the baby’s diaper and brought him to his mother to breastfeed or the doula happily fed him a bottle. The doula then swaddled the baby and gently got him back to sleep.


Your friend raved about how supportive her doula was of all of her parenting choices and how she couldn’t have gotten through those weeks without her.


Lets face it. Being a new parent isn’t easy. These little people sure seem to eat, sleep, and poop all day and all night! And they certainly don’t come with instruction manuals.


Your body goes through so many changes and you no longer have the help of the nurses. But you don’t have to do it alone! A Postpartum and Infant Care Doula is there to help you reach your parenting goals, or really just survive the day and make your life a bit easier. If you, or someone you know, could use the support of a Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, let’s talk!

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