R.O.C.K. Your Birth with Your Doula by Your Side

R.O.C.K. Your Birth


Being a doula means I get to support families as they navigate pregnancy, labor, and birth. I join my clients for one of the most intimate times in their life. I bear witness to the miracle of birth and the strength that lies deep inside of new parents. I see people at their most vulnerable. I am trusted to be an unwavering source of support throughout the entire process.


While every pregnancy, labor, and delivery plays out a bit differently, one thing that I see over and over again is women giving everything they have to birth their baby. I see women rocking their births!


While I certainly take no credit for these experiences, I do see the value in having a doula, a professional trained in supporting people throughout pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period.


The role of the doula is often very versatile. Sometimes it’s hard to sum up in words what exactly a doula does. Allow me to share a few of the ways we support our clients as they ROCK giving birth.


R: Resources


Whatever your needs are during pregnancy and birth we are happy to help you find more information, should you so choose. We strive to form positive relationships with professionals in the communities we serve including: physicians and obstetricians, midwives, physical therapists, lactation professionals, childbirth educators, chiropractors, yoga instructors, maternity and infant clothing retailers, etc., who provide products and services to pregnant women. We are proud to share these resources with our clients.


O: Options


Curious about electronic fetal monitoring? Would you like to labor in the shower or tub? Are you desiring a vaginal delivery after a previous cesarean (VBAC)?


We spend time with you prenatally and discuss what your preferences are for your upcoming delivery. Whether you are envisioning a vaginal or cesarean birth, we are happy to support your choices.


We are familiar with the options that are available to women in our area. We have worked with many health care providers and have relationships with nurses and healthcare staff at our local hospitals. We understand common protocols and standard procedures and are willing to answer questions about different options available at the various area hospitals.



C: Comfort Measures


Imagine the continuous support of someone working to creating a calm, comfortable environment, in which you feel safe, respected, and validated.


We are specifically trained in a variety of comfort measures, including: position changes, breathing patterns, touch techniques, productive vocalization, as well as utilizing specific tools such as a birth ball, both in and out of bed, or warm or cool compresses, to name a few.  We are happy to help you try what feels most desirable, as well as suggest alternative options if you would like.


Should you choose to utilize an epidural we are familiar with positions that are compatible with laboring while in bed, so that you are able to rest and take advantage of this pain relief option.


K: Keeping your partner in mind


So much focus is put on the laboring mother. Your doula won’t forget about your loved ones and the important part they play in this experience. We find that often partners want to be involved but aren’t always sure how to best support the person they love throughout the birth process. We love giving quick tips and demonstrating techniques to help your partner be everything you need them to be.



So what do you say? Are you ready to ROCK this experience with the support of your doula?

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