Birth Support

Professional Support through Pregnancy and Birth


Central Nebraska Doula treats their clients like family. We are on-call for you starting the moment the contract is signed. Clients can call us with questions and concerns anytime, and we will be ready to assist you in labor in a moment's notice. 


Our birth support service includes up to two hours in person support, prenatally, as well as unlimited phone, email, and text support to get to know you and your goals for your upcoming birth. Rest assured we will be there to support you when you need us during your labor and birth. Central Nebraska Doula also provides one hour of postpartum service to follow up with you and to help you transition home and into your new role as a parent. We will support your choices and parenting philosophies and will help you meet your goals. 


Central Nebraska Doula attends workshops and conferences throughout the year, as well as following the latest articles and studies surrounding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to be able to give their clients the most up-to-date information when requested.


Central Nebraska Doula provides clients with the highest quality service.

Our clients especially appreciate:

• our non-judgmental support. Whatever your goals are for your birth experience, Central Nebraska Doula wants to help you meet them. 

• our dependable service. Our clients deserve the best and we are here to serve them. Your doula is on call for you as soon as the contract is signed. Feel at ease knowing we are committed to being at your birth regardless of how many weeks pregnant you are. 


• our respect for your boundaries. We fully believe our clients are capable of making their own decisions, including who they choose to as their healthcare provider and when they would like their doula to join them during their labor. Central Nebraska Doula can provide labor support in your home or meet you at the hospital. We will join you when YOU are ready.

• immediate postpartum support. Your doula will stay with you after the birth of your baby to help you feel comfortable and assist with breastfeeding if you would like. 

• access to us throughout pregnancy. Your doula is available to answer questions via email or by phone during daytime hours. 

• access to us after your baby has been born. If you have questions about your baby or your postpartum recovery we are available via email or by phone during daytime hours. 

• our continuity of care. Central Nebraska Doula will provide each client with a postpartum follow up visit. We are able to answer any questions or listen to any concerns. We can assist you in getting systems in place for managing the postpartum period. We can also provide local referrals if desired.

• our expertise in birth support as well as postpartum care and placenta encapsulation. Central Nebraska Doula has attended multiple trainings and workshops to provide the highest quality of services in the area. 

"I unexpectedly went into labor 3 weeks early; Jenna arrived promptly and was amazing in her supportive role. She helped me try different options during labor. She also encouraged and reassured me through the labor transitions and pushing. Jenna's presence in the room kept the mood light and fun and her expertise blended well with my doctor, nurses, and husband. She surpassed and exceeded our expectations. It was a very smooth process; she made us feel comfortable and confident in our decisions, and we're grateful to have worked with her."


- Dr. Tracy Meyer, Doctor of Chiropractic and Central Nebraska Doula Client

Central Nebraska Doula would love to be a part of your birth team. If you're ready to receive professional support from Central Nebraska Doula, contact us today!

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Central Nebraska Doula has experience supporting families who have welcomed their babies at all Tri-Cities area hospitals. we are happy to serve families planning to deliver their baby at CHI Health Good Samaritan (Kearney, Nebraska), CHI Health St. Francis Medical Center (Grand Island, Nebraska), and Mary Lanning Healthcare (Hastings, Nebraska).