What Will People Think of Me If They Find Out I Plan to Encapsulate My Placenta


“You want to do what with your what!?” This is the reaction some people have received when opening discussing their plans to consume their placenta.

Placenta encapsulation has quickly become one of the most requested services here at Central Nebraska Doula.

When clients purchase this service they receive a transport kit so they can safely transport their placenta from the hospital to their home, where the encapsulation process will take place. I deliver each kit to my clients prior to the birth of their baby and spend about 20-30 minutes with each client discussing how to use the kit and answering any questions they have about the process.

One of the questions I like to ask my clients during this time is if they plan on sharing their plans of encapsulating their placenta with their family and friends. Some clients answer with an enthusiastic YES! While others share with me that they think their family would be horrified if they knew.

The wonderful thing about choosing Central Nebraska Doula for placenta encapsulation is discretion. If you want to keep your choice to encapsulate your placenta for consumption private, we will honor your wishes. We do not share information about our clients.

For clients who worry what others might think of their choice, we will make a plan to arrive at your home when company will not be there visiting. Upon completion, your placenta capsules will look similar to an herbal supplement. We will happily place your jar of capsules in the fridge, even towards the back if you prefer to keep them out of sight from anyone who might be stopping by with a casserole.

Central Nebraska Doula is known for providing the highest quality professional services and non-judgmental support. Whatever your reason for choosing encapsulation, we respect you and strive to provide the service in the way you envision it. While we are in your home, you are our number one priority. During our time together we will also be able to discuss postpartum recovery and newborn care. We will take all of your concerns into consideration to provide you and your family with the care you desire.

Whether or not you choose to share your plans is up to you. While we can’t say for certain what anyone else’s reaction might be, we can guarantee our support in your choices.

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